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Manufacturer and Supplier of maize in Dubai India is the country has a large production and export of Maize Grain. We are the manufacturer and supplier of yellow maize as well as white maize grains meeting your demand. Maize grain serves as a basic raw material for the production of Starch, oil, protein, alcohol beverage, food sweetener, and Bio Fuel.
White Coal Bio-Fuel Supplier in Dubai We Export and Supply White Coal Bio-Fuel in all over world. White coal is a form of fuel produced by drying chopped wood over a fire. It differs from charcoal which is carbonised wood. White coal was used in England to smelt lead ore from the mid-sixteenth to the late seventeenth centuries. It produces more heat than green wood but less than charcoal and thus prevents the lead evaporating.[1] White coal could be used mixed with charcoal for other industrial uses than lead smelting.
Exporter and Supplier of Biomass Briquettes in Dubai We Export and Supply Biomass Briquettes worldwide. Biomass briquettes are a biofuel substitute to coal and charcoal. Briquettes are mostly used in the developing world, where cooking fuels are not as easily available. Industrial waste, agriculture waste and other household residue either burnt or plunked into sea or land due to its pollution increase but Briquetting machine through we can convert it into briquettes which are helpful to save the economy. These fuel substitute’s conventional, non-renewable and expensive coal that was earlier used for different purposes. In addition to it, briquettes are very flexible in use we can give any shape as per our demand. These environment-friendly briquettes are used in industrial and residential both the area.
Supplier of good quality Bio-fuel Briquette in Dubai We Supply good quality Bio-fuel Briquette worldwide. Our Bio-fuel Briquette can be used for domestic and industrial purpose. We offer reasonable price to our customers. We don't use any artificial content to produce Bio-fuel Briquette. Biomass waste can be converted into useful environment friendly solid biomass Bio fuel – Briquettes or White coal. Briquettes generated by the low-pressure compaction of Biomass Waste such as Bagasse, Saw Dust, Rice Husk, Wood waste etc. Briquettes currently used as an alternative to firewood, charcoal and wood pellets in developing countries. Bio briquettes molded into a hollow-core cylindrical form exhibited energy output comparable to that of traditional fuels. The research demonstrates that low-energy content feedstock can be composted, pressed and combusted to generate heat output commensurate with higher energy content fuels.
Swarna Mansuri manufacturer in kolkata We are manufacturer of swarna mansuri rice in kolkata Swarna mansuri, an indian rice variety is one of the healthiest staples out there and carries a very low diabetes risk, says a leading rice research organisation. "rice varieties such as india's most widely grown rice variety swarna have a low glycemic index (gi). The Swarna mansuri rice is efficiently cleaned, hulled and dried using latest technology machines by our proficient professionals.
Exporter and Supplier of Biomass Pellets from India We export and supply Biomass Pellets worldwide. Biomass pellets, are gaining popularity —especially where significant energy is used for heat—as people realize both the ecological and economical importance of sustainability. Wood pellets offer a completely sustainable alternative to other fuel sources. They burn clean, and, because of health and air quality control considerations, Biomass pellets are preferable to coal for electricity generation. Produced without additives and part of the natural carbon cycle, Biomass pellets are net neutral—generating no increased greenhouse gas emissions—if the pellet source material comes from sustainably managed forests or forestry residuals.
Manufacturer and supplier of Maize in Kolkata Maize primarily knows as corn in India, Maize is widely cultivated throughout the world, and a greater weight of maize is produced each year than any other grain. India is the largest producer of Maize in the world. We are one of the reliable source of exporting Maize from India to the World. We manufacture and export our own farms' Maize, which has sufficient quantities of vitamin A, nicotinic acid, riboflavin and vitamin E. Maize grain contains about 10% protein, 4% oil, 70% carbohydrate, 2.3% crude fibre, 10.4% albuminoides. Our Manufactured Maize are of Best quality and good for health.
Swarna Rice manufacturer in kolkata Our company is deemed as one of the leading exporters and supplier of superior quality Swarna Raw Rice. Swarna rice is processed hygienically by incorporating advanced technology and machinery in order to attain complete customer satisfaction. As per the needs of clients, we are offering this rice in various quantities. This Swarna rice is duly examined on various parameters like free from impurities and quality in order to provide best quality product. With the help of our reliable logistics personnel, we assure secure shipment of this Swarna Raw Rice within the time specified. Various attributes : Our Swarna rice is Rich in carbohydrate Swarna rice provide Natural taste Swarna Rice Consumes less cooking time Swarna Rice is of Superior quality
Swarna Mansuri parboiled rice manufacturer in West Bengal The company is manufacturer and exporter of Swarna Mansuri parboiled rice. Across the world rice is one of the staple and nutritious foods for people around the world. Based in West Bengal and Suppliers of Non Basmati Parboiled and Raw Rice like Swarna Mansoori , IR8, IR36, IR64, Ratna , Miniket, Nshanker and Parmal, etc.100% Sortex and Silky (Broken 5%, 10%, 15% and 100%) in India. Being quality conscious, we strictly check the Swarna Mansuri parboiled rice after the procurement by using latest techniques and under our expert supervision. Our team members are well-versed with the knowledge about Swarna Mansuri parboiled rice quality and the changing market trends that help them in understanding the needs of the customers in a better manner.